Uncompromised Quality


Improve Patient Care

Without loss of quality, physicians can now refer their patients to a comfortable MRI experience. This new scanner pinpoints the targeted extremity while the patient reclines in a comfortable chair.

High quality images radiologists demand

The scanner’s industry-leading gradients deliver 70mT/m of power and 300T/m/s of slew rate, while short echo spacing and high signal-to-noise ratio enable high resolution and sharp images.

Request Precise Acquisitions

Physicians can now request 1.5T quality acquisitions of the arm, including elbow, wrist and hand; or the leg, including knee, ankle and foot—and get the image quality and consistency they expect from a more powerful, conventional MR system.


Local Radiologists, Local PACS

Santa Barbara Extremity MRI works with local radiologists and provides images through the same system local physicians currently utilize.

advanced imaging with the optima mr 430 1.5t

The Optima MR 430 1.5T is on the of the most innovative advances in MSK imaging in years, and the results are extremely surprising.

Our goal was to guide our patients to the right MRI scanner for their needs...The first goal is comfort; the second is to keep them still so we can get the best image consistency. The quicker the patient is in and out, the better it is for everyone.
— William B. Morrison, M.D., Director of Musculoskeletal Radiology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals