About Santa Barbara Extremity MRI

Santa Barbara Extremity MRI is owned and managed by MedBridge, a health-care development and management company based in Santa Barbara, California. MedBridge has served physicians and ambulatory surgery centers around California for over 13 years.

MedBridge opened Santa Barbara Extremity MRI in 2012, introducing the 1.5 Tesla Extremity MRI as the first of its kind in Southern California. It offers a uniquely comfortable MRI experience for patients needing scans on extremities, such as knees, ankles, feet, wrists, hands and elbows.

MedBridge is responsible for all of the following at Santa Barbara Extremity MRI:

  • Staffing and human resources

  • Licensing, credentialing, certification and accreditation

  • Billing services

  • Contracting and payor management

  • Accounting

  • Management

  • Clinical staff support

  • Marketing

  • Graphic Design

  • Information technology

  • Legal Services

  • Repairs and maintenance